Unfortunately we live in a time where just casually surfing the web is risky business. Spyware is common place and sometimes just going to a website will infect your computer. Or other times you may install a program that may install spyware without your knowledge. Since spyware is ever changing there's always new threats around the corner, and even with your best efforts to prevent it you may still get infected. Once infected with spyware you may have a very hard time cleaning it out. In many cases spyware may actually be harder to wipe out than viruses.
Spyware symptoms
  • Excessive network traffic/slow or no network connection
  • The computer is running slower than normal
  • Random popups even when not browsing on the web
  • Unwanted search results
  • Browser homepage and URL's are redirected
  • New toolbars showing up in your browser
  • New desktop shortcuts
  • Virus/Spyware warnings popping up in the taskbar

These are some of the potential symptoms.


Where does spyware come from?

Unless your computer is completely isolated from the outside world, spyware can be introduced into your computer from any number of sources:

  • Via an internet connection:
    • Emails
    • Web browsing
    • Downloading/sharing files
  • Ad supported programs

With today's modern world of computer interconnectivity, spyware is sometimes unavoidable despite our best efforts.

Is there a doctor in the house?

NC Computer Tech doesn't want you to lose data or settings. We will attempt to neutralize your spyware utilizing every technological solution, and we can backup your data.

NC Computer Tech will not give your system back until it's 100% clean.

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